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      We present you our special nanoproducts designed for ship protection. We tested the Pikatec Boat series over three years before it was launched. The team of the racing boat Giulia was one of the first to test and use our products for boats. We carried out testing with racing crews in order to verify the reduction of hydrodynamic resistance, the properties of our polishes were, of course, thoroughly tested in the normal operation of private boats and yachts. Here is the evaluation of Captain Hirnšal, whose racing crews our politicians do a good job:


      “We were honored that the Giulia sailing team was the first to have the opportunity to test the effects of Pikatec antifouling. Everyone who is engaged in sea yachting knows the problems with long-term maintenance and protection of the hull from the effects of marine fauna and flora. This is all the more important for a racing yachtsman, as the power and speed of the boat is highly dependent on the cleanliness of the wetted part of the hull in the sea. We apply antifouling protection, which makes it easier for us to clean the hull of the ship after a long stay in the port, and all that is needed for that is a sponge and sweet watter. A gelcoat protection agent, which stays in the shine for a longer time thanks to the applied polish is also very important for us. Working in the spring is therefore much easier, as in the winter the gelcoat gets the most busy and its structure undergoes many changes. Due to the action of the sun and the rapid change of temperatures, the gelcoat turns gray, similar to the paint on a car. Thanks to the product, polishing the boat is easier in the spring, but mainly the boat still looks new even after several seasons. Of course, the salt water does not stick to the sides of the boat so much, and the salt is easily removed just by rinsing. Thanks to this innovation, our team does not spend so much time on boat maintenance. "


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