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Protection of Exterior 

Nanoparticles of Pikatec creates an invisible shield on the surface to which they are applied. You can choose a plant protection varnish car windshields or wheels. Thanks to the protective shield is not a problem on the surface, for example unlucky faeces from birds and other debris. Especially in the winter the benefit polishes PIKATEC on the windows of cars that make the icing on the glass does not produce either no or significantly less. Nanotechnology also protects the paint from scratches.
The car's coming in two rows Diamond and Ceramic. Do you know what is the difference between them? Read our comparison.

Czech technology
Developed with scientists at the Technical University of Liberec.
Long-term protection
Your car will be protected for more than a year.
Easy maintenance
Maintenance of your car will be easier and less frequent.
Easy application
We will guide you or
we will do it for you.
Fast delivery
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