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What is Pikatec Car?

Meet nano cosmetics Pikatec, which 
effectively protects both the interior and the car's bodywork.

Principle Pikatec Series Car

The principle of operation nano cosmetics will convince you of the extraordinary capabilities of surface protection.

Unlike the original and new polishes

Look for innovation in new generation 
polishes Pikatec and compare with the original series.

Lak pod mikroskopem

Breathtaking images of the electron microscope 
body surface.

How to apply Pikatec Car

Clear instructions on how to proceed in the correct 
application nano cosmetics.

Nano Cosmetics vs. wax

Comparing traditional waxes and nano cosmetics. 
Look for independent tests.

Instructional videos

Most give you through a video tutorial and engaging demonstrations functioning nano cosmetics.

10 reasons why Pikatec Car

Clearly and concisely - 10 reasons why you should 
try Pikatec.

Most frequently asked questions

What are some common questions about the functionality nano cosmetics Pikatec? 



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