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    Polylines Pikatec have been developed for long-term protection of surfaces. They have the task of saving money and time for subsequent maintenance and reducing the amount of washing or cleaning.

    For this reason, it is not necessary to "scrub" treated surfaces in the same way as before treatment.

    The surface is smoothed and repulsive dust, water, etc. If any particles of dirt attack it, just wipe it with a cloth soaked in warm water. In the case of grease, use Pikatec Shampoo on the exterior of the vehicle and Pikatec Clean Surface on the interior of the car (except leather and textile shields).

    Do not use abrasive or CIF abrasive cleaners for interiors and exteriors. Impurities are not necessary, and it is not even desirable to scrub this way, since they do not hold onto the surface and get into the structure.

    You did not buy protective shields in order to keep cleaning as before.

    In this way, you will significantly save time and the cost of purchasing detergents and the surfaces will remain clean. After a few months, rinse the surface with a thicker Pikatec Shampoo concentrate or clean Pikatec Clean Surface to restore the grease from the dirt, ash and carbon particles over time to the original condition.

    With temporary dysfunction of hydrophobicity, you do not have to worry about the protective surface on the surface. It is likely that the fine particles of fly ash or carbon have settled on the surface, which caused a temporary dysfunction of hydrophobicity. Just wash the surface again with a higher concentration of Pikatec Shampo or Pikatec Clean Surface.

    Keep in mind that hydrophobicity is not the only added protection value. Permanent surface smoothing, hardness, abrasion, chemical resistance, UV resistance, regardless of any surface contamination. Polytura in the structures is firmly in place, unless the surface was oily or roughly dusty before application.

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