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    • Long shortens the cleaning and maintenance of 80%.
    • Reduces the need for cleaning frequency by 80% .
    • The long term generally protects surfaces (1-2 years). Significantly reduces the spotting surfaces.
    • Reduces the intensity of the use of detergents (economic and environmental impact)
    • Significantly eliminates tarnish surfaces - increased durability.
    • Smoothes surfaces.
    • Protects against UV rays.
    • Protects against mechanical wear - increases surface hardness.
    • It is dust repellent.
    • It is water-repellent (hydrophobic).
    • Oil is repulsive (Olejofobní).
    • It is chemically resistant (against acids, alkalis, etc.).
    • Easy to maintain.

    economic benefits

    This is essentially a huge timesaver during subsequent cleaning. The surface is less stains and dirt on it holds very little, so there is no need to clean as often. While reducing the consumption of detergents, which are needed to achieve results when cleaning on untreated surfaces necessity and thus, in addition to the direct economic effect, come and ecological effect. It's also good news for the cleaning staff and cleaning company. Not so that they do not have a job, a master at the same time more and consume much less Cleaning tools. Simply significantly increases productivity and fewer job or to afford more leisure time. Let everyone selects himself.



    New polish contains only "natural" nano



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