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Terms and conditions - Application (contract work) - cosmetics

I. General Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the relationship between the parties to a contract for work on the one hand, the company PIKATEC CZ sro, ID 29133416, VAT CZ 29133416, registered office Prague 4, Zabehlice, Side I 892/27, registered in commercial Registry maintained by the Municipal court in Prague, file number C 202536 as a contractor (hereinafter "PIKATEC E" or "contractor"), and on the other hand, the Client (the "Client"). 

For more information about PIKATEC GB are listed on the website

Customer concluding the contract for work confirms that he is acquainted with these GTC, which forms an integral part of communication prior to the conclusion of the contract, and that they explicitly agree, and as amended and effective from the signing of contract work. 

Customer is aware that his conclusion of a contract for work with PIKATEC CZ no right to use registered trademarks, trade names, company logos, etc. PIKATEC GB or contractors PIKATEC CZ, unless in a special contract stipulates otherwise.

II. Contract

The subject of contract is delivery and applications on car care vehicle for a client to the extent specified in the handover of the vehicle.

Contract for work is concluded until signing the protocol on returning the vehicle. The model protocol on handover annexed to these general business conditions. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements between the parties relating to the performance. Contractor explicitly notes that under the contract for work can not be considered preliminary agreement of the parties regarding the deadline for execution of the work (reservation date), regardless of the form in which they were made.

Resulting contract can be changed or canceled only by agreement of the parties or based on legal grounds.

Relations and any disputes arising under the contract shall be resolved exclusively by the law of the Czech Republic and will be resolved by the competent courts of the Czech Republic.

The contract is concluded in the Czech language. If there is a need for ordering translation of text of a treaty is true that in case of a dispute concerning the interpretation of terms, the interpretation of the contract in the Czech language.

The contract seller is archived for at least five years from its conclusion, but no longer than under the relevant legislation for its successful fulfillment and is not accessible to non-participating third parties.

Contract for work with PIKATEC CZ undertakes to perform for ordering delivery of services / goods, within the agreed deadline, and the client agrees that the work takes over and pays PIKATEC GB price of work. The price of the work will be paid with a valid voucher issued PIKATEC Technology Ltd. submitted the customer, the price of a work corresponding to the amount specified in the relevant voucher. The voucher can only be redeemed once. Contractor enters the provided performance compared to the voucher number in PIKATEC Technology to validate the voucher. By typing a number into a voucher given by the voucher already applied and it can not be applied again. (Ie. Re-enter the same number in the application will be rejected PIKATEC Technology) (hereinafter the "Voucher"). Voucher number will be forwarded to the contractor at the conclusion of the work.

II. The rights and obligations of parties

Customer acknowledges and agrees that the condition of that contract by the PIKATEC CZ is that cars, to be applied to the product nanokosmetika PIKATEC Technology, ie. In connection with which they are to be provided with the service / product is washed or in a state pollution by normal operation. Client acknowledges that any extra washing car unwashed for months or years, or extremely polluted, for example, driving off-road, asphalt, paint or other chemicals, can negotiate with the contractor separately and pay the cost of the implementation of the said maintenance according to the currently valid price list available on the premises contractor, if these expenses can not be paid through vouchers and voucher based on these services can not draw.  

Client acknowledges that the contractor does not land until the car wash or in a state of pollution corresponding to the normal operation, the Contractor is not required to provide the services / goods on the basis of the voucher.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that the prerequisite for using the services / goods on the basis of the voucher is the car to be applied nanokosmetika PIKATEC product, ie. In connection with which they are to be provided with services, not damaged to the extent neumožňujícím product applications. Otherwise, the Contractor is not obliged to supply these services / products provide.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that the prerequisite for using the services / goods on the basis of the voucher is that it simultaneously with the car, to be applied to the product nanokosmetika PIKATEC, a product that has to be applied before the contractor or him at his purchases, if not specifically in the description of services / products dispensed under the voucher stated that it is part of the fulfillment paid on the basis of the voucher.

Client states that he is entitled to the car, to be applied to the product nanokosmetika PIKATEC deal in the range of possibilities for performance of the work by the contractor.

The Client also declares that car, to be applied nanokosmetika PIKATEC product meets the parameters mentioned above in this paragraph for the execution of the work, the contractor withheld nothing that would prevent the execution of the work by the contractor, or which could lead to damage to the car.

In the event that any of the above statements the customer prove to be incorrect or incomplete, then the customer is responsible to the contractor for damages, taking into account that under the conditions stanovaných legislation contractor is not liable for them, possibly causing damage to the car.

III. Data security and protection

Privacy and sending business messages

Privacy purchaser who is a natural person is provided by Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection, as amended.

The customer agrees to the processing of their personal data: name, date of birth, address, identification number, tax identification number, email address, telephone number and other possible personal data entered at the conclusion of the work (hereinafter collectively referred to as " personal data").

The customer agrees to the processing of personal data by the Contractor, for the purpose of realization of rights and obligations under the contract for work and for sending commercial messages and information and contractor offering business or services.

The processing of personal data by ordering the contractor can appoint a third party as a processor. In addition to a person filling a contract for work not personal data by the Contractor without the prior consent forwarded to third parties unless otherwise stated below. The contractor is authorized as an administrator name and address of the data subject in advance to offering services and other administrators, and that the company PIKATEC Technology Ltd., ID: 04395212, registered office Prague 4 - Záběhlice, Side I 892/27, ZIP 14,100th Entity data - customer was on this procedure prodívajícím advance and voiced disagreement with this procedure.

Personal data shall be processed for an indefinite period. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or in printed form non-automated manner.

The customer confirms that the personal information is accurate and that he was advised that it is voluntarily provide personal information. Client states that he was instructed that consent to the processing of personal data in relation to revoke the contractor written notice delivered to the address of the contractor or his email address.

In the event that the customer thought that the contractor or the processor performs the processing of his personal data that is inconsistent with the protection of private and personal life of the customer or in conflict with the law, especially if the personal data are inaccurate for the purpose of processing, may:

- Ask the contractor or processor for explanation

- Require that the contractor or the processor rectifies the situation. You may in particular blocking, correction, supplementing or liquidation of personal data. If the client's request under the preceding sentence is found justified, the contractor or the processor will remove the trouble. If the Contractor fails or processor, the customer has the right to appeal directly to the Office for Personal Data Protection. This provision shall not affect the right of the customer to take its initiative to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

If the customer asks for information about the processing of their personal data, the contractor must deliver this information. The contractor has the right to provide information pursuant to the preceding sentence, require reasonable compensation not exceeding the costs of providing the necessary information.

The customer agrees to receive information related to goods, services or company e-mail address of the contractor to the client and agrees to receive commercial communications to the email address to the client.

IV. Terms of delivery

Car after work is entitled to take only the client, his legal representative or a person authorized in writing by the customer. The acquiring person must be sufficiently identified and show a valid identity card or valid passport. The takeover car the customer or his representative is currently assumed for work. Risk of damage to the goods passes to the customer by taking the car or on the day when he had work under contract to take over the car, depending on whichever is earlier.

The client is obliged immediately upon transfer of the car to check the condition of the car by the handover protocol, both in terms of damage to the vehicle so as to completeness and quality of the completed Work. The buyer is entitled to refuse acceptance of a car if the work is not done in accordance with the contract for work.

If the work is not done properly, it is necessary to describe the work of defects in the transfer protocol when taking over the car.

Damaged vehicle shall be notified immediately by e-mail to, write with an employee of the contractor report claims.

Liability for defective work are governed by the laws of the country. Particularly the provisions of § 2615 to § 2618 and § 2099 to § 2112 of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code

V. Final Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions, including its components are valid and effective from February 1, 2017 and cancels the previous version of GTC, including its components, and are available at the headquarters and premises PIKATEC GB or electronically .


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