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Advice, tips and recommendations 

Advice, tips and recommendations:

Here is a summary of all the important things you should know in order to choose, sharpen and care for Nanoblade blades.


Selection and purhcase:

- if you have no experience with Nanoblade blades, we definitely recommend first purchashing 4.5 2WL for players  and 4.5 GK6 for goalies.

- geometry 4.5 2ML and extreme geometry 5.0 L7WL (Light) for players and 5.0 GK10 (Light) for goalies require some experience with Nanoblade blades, or lots of patience. When transitioning from standard blades, we don't recommend switching directly from standard blades; it is good to have at least 6 months of experience with Nanoblade blades.


Blade sharpening:

- The great advantage of Nanoblade blades is that they only need to be sharpened once every one to two months, if the player doesn't blunt the blades against other blades or another metal (e.g. the hockey goal).

- Nanoblade blades require time and preparation, and initial sharpening isn't immediate.

- The sharpening centre is located in Čestlice near Prague (Čestlice 289, 25101, Čestlice), and it is best to send the blades by post (Pikatec Technology, Čestlice 289, 251 01 Czech republic). or Zásilkovna Pick-up Point (Pikatec Technology, Jesenická 410, Dobřejovice).

Postage costs are under 100 korunas.

- Of course, you can also bring the blades in person to the Pikatec central office.

- We recommend eventually buying spare blades, especially for adults, in case they suddenly become blunt.

- Many of our hockey players play abroad (Sweden, Finland, USA, England, etc.) and they send us the blades through international forwarding companies. Pikatec intends to gradually build sharpening centers in these countries.


Caring for Nanoblade blades:

Pikatec Nanoblade blades do not require special care. However, you will extend their service life if you adhere to the following:

- After each time you skate, we recommend wiping the blades with a dry cloth, or removing adhering dirt. It is not advisable to let synthetic snow or other dirt dry on the blades. We offer a microfiber cloth in our range of accessories.

- Spare blades should not be left lying freely in a bag, where they could become dull by contact with each other; for this purpose, we offer protective guards for blades that reliably protect them. The guards are made of solid fabric and, unlike plastic guards (which become brittle and crack on ice), they last a long time. The guards also contain an integrated pocket for a blade extractor.

- We highly recommend wearing protectors and not relying on the rubber flooring in stadiums! Remember that people walk there in sneakers, bringing in dirt and fine sand. Of course, the sand is able to blunt very sharp edges (although not completely), but it certainly shortens the interval between sharpening.

- In order to easily remove the blades from the holder, Nanoblade blades are equipped with a hole for an extractor at the heel, which is delivered with the blades and can also be purchased as an accessory. Blades are generally harder to remove from a frozen holder, and the use of various sharp extractors increases the risk of injury when replacing blades by the ice. The Nanoblade extractor is basically a hook, eliminating this risk.

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