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Their uniqueness lies in the combination of the material used and especially the sharpening system. The blades themselves are made of special stainless steel of great hardness and strength. We were able to coat their surface with an incredibly hard and relatively thick layer that is about 20 times harder than surgical stainless steel - 2,900 units according to the Vickers scale! For adult professional hockey players, we managed to extend the interval of blade sharpening to 4-8 weeks in the hockey season (if the blade is not damaged by contact with metal), and younger hockey players only need one to two sharpenings in the whole season.

A huge advantage of Pikatec Nanoblade blades is that the blades for adult skaters only require sharpening every 1-2 months (!!!), unless the skater blunts the blade against other blades, or metal and other hard objects.

We offer several geometries that have slightly different properties, and we believe that each hockey player will choose a geometry that suits him best.


Sharpening Centre

We have set up a sharpening centre for owners of Pikatec Nanoblade blades at Pikatec's headquarters at Čestlice 289, 25101 Čestlice (exit on the 8th kilometre of the D1 motorway from Prague). We know that it is customary among hockey players to sharpen their blades directly in stadiums, or to visit their favourite sharpening centre, but in the age of e-shops, the services of carriers such as Zásilkovna, which are usually just a few kilometres from your home, are very cheap. You can send or pick up the blades after sharpening, and the costs are mere dozens of korunas. The blades will be sharpened and sent right back to you!

Our address is: Pikatec Technology, Čestlice 289, 25101 Čestlice, Czech republic.

As the sharpening requires very expensive equipment and trained staff, we plan to gradually build branches around the country. Sharpening is very demanding in terms of precision, and our company doesn't want to risk the blades being sharpened unprofessionally without supervision. In this case, the customer wouldn't be able to tell if it is the quality of the blade that is poor or the sharpening, and he would quickly reject the product.

We also primarily focused on the physical properties of the blades and the sharpening itself, and we developed a revolutionary device with our own system of blade sharpening with many patented functions, including special sharpening discs that can significantly increase the speed of hockey players. How is this possible?

You may know that the principle of ice skating lies in the fact that the pressure between the blade and the ice increases, thus increasing the temperature and causing a microlayer of ice under the blade to melt; this means that ice skaters are always skating on water. This may sound simple, but there are many more mechanisms in ice skating that skaters fortunately don't need to know about. Not even contemporary physicists know all the principles that affect ice skating.

However, we managed to find a connection between speed and the mechanicochemical treatment of the blade. When a diamond or tungsten carbide layer with special hydrophobic treatment is applied to a surface treated in this way, everything changes.


We are changing the world of ice-skating

It all starts with the Pikatec nano-groove. Its special treatment increases the buoyancy surface area by more than 30%. In order to achieve ideal properties, we established a uniform groove radius after challenging tests. All this, combined with excellent hydrodynamic properties, significantly changes the properties of the blades in perhaps all respects. As soon as you step onto the ice, you will feel the blades "go" on their own. On one push you can cross the entire length of the hockey rink. But when you make the first turn you will know it is as it should be; the skates will hold you much better.


Not even professional hockey players were able to tell what exactly was different, except for the feeling that it "glides better". But they all agreed that there is a huge difference.


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