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      Let us introduce new series of household products – the Home series, which we are launching after more than two years of development in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec.

      How does it work?

      After you cleaned the material or the piece of furniture you wish to protect in the long term, simply apply the appropriate polish to it in a very thin layer using a cloth and after a while polish it with a soft cloth. Then let it dry. That’s all and you don’t need to worry about it for as long as two years. Surface protected this way is less prone to getting dirty, repels water, grease and dust, it’s harder and also antibacterial. Your cleaning will be less frequent and less time-demanding, by up to 80 %.

      Principle of Pikatec nanocosmetics

      The protection principle lies in the application of a thin film of the protection polish onto the surface on which the polish has long-term effects. Surface of every kind material under a microscope is very rough and dirt, grease and other kinds of dirt gradually build up in the asperities and creates the ideal ‘substrate’ for bacteria. It’s very time-consuming and sometimes impossible to completely clean the dirt and unwanted filth from the asperities. The cleaning takes very long time (continuous rubbing of the affected area) and the surface (especially light-coloured) looks faded because of the ‘ingrained’ dirt.

      Figure 1. Untreated surface – dirt stays in the surface structure of the wood even after being wiped by a cloth 
      Figure 2. Principle of wiping dirt from protected wooden surface

      Antibacterial effects

      You might not have known that dirt and grease are mostly caused by carbon particles (they are created by burning – flying ash, pollutants, smog). Bacteria ‘love’ them as food so they stay in places where carbon particles build up. The treated surface is smoothed and carbon particles don’t stick to them. Thanks to that, bacteria don’t grow or stay on such surface. In addition, our polishes contain functional nano-particles with antibacterial effects (without the presence of silver).

      Special protection for every kind surface

      Every type of material has a different structure, roughness, absorbency and composition. The surface can also be fine, smooth or porous. That’s why it isn’t possible to develop a universal type of polish for all surfaces.

      Patented polishes developed especially for application to different surfaces (every material has a different structure and properties) smooth the asperities of the surface, and a unique composition with added nano-particles ensure long-term stability of properties such as hydrophobicity (repels water), oleophobicity (repels greasy particles), antistatic properties (repels dust particles), antibacterial effects (without the presence of unwanted elements such as silver) and finally, pure oxides of these particles (monoxides of silicon, titan, zircon etc.) are very hard so they protect the surfaces against mechanical damage. It’s possible to wipe away all dirt from the surface by a single swipe of a cloth.

      The nano-particles included in the polishes are very small (a nanometre is one billionth of a metre) so they cannot be recognised by the human eye. These particles create a structure in the polish that forms a protective membrane on rough or absorbent surfaces. The so created membrane allows moisture leave the surface in the form of vapour and at the same time prevents water from penetrating the internal structure of the material (the same principle as that of functional fabrics such as GoreTex). Then absorbent and porous material can ‘breathe’.

      Protection of stainless surface magnified 3,000 times under a microscope

      Unprotected surface on the left, surface protected by Pikatec polish on the right


      Protection of wooden surface magnified 500 times under a microscope

      Unprotected surface on the left, surface protected by Pikatec polish on the right



      We can protect the following surfaces:



      We believe that you’ll like our cosmetics and that you’ll be able to see for yourself the time and financial savings in practice. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team, which is ready to help you.

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