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About Nanotechnology

About Nanotechnology

Patented nanotechnology for surface protection Pikatec is Czech technology company engaging in long-term surface protection using nanotechnologies. As one of very few, it covers everything from development through production to the final sale of own products. The joined research of experts from the Pikatec company and the scientific team from the Technical University in Liberec made it possible to implement the idea, thanks to which it is possible to add properties to various surfaces they do not have themselves. The Technical University of Liberec is a pioneer in the field of nanotechnologies and is one of the world's best. A great deal of credit for that goes to Professor Jirsák, who was the first in the world to invent a method for producing nanofibers. Pikatec is a special technology based on resin and nanoparticles of zirconium and silicon oxides (ZrO2 and SiO2). These particles excel mainly in their hardness - for example compared to car paint, they are 140x-180x harder. They also add to the protected surface a number of other properties, such as resistance to UV radiation, corrosion, chemical and temperature resistance. Although it might seem to us that for example glass or car varnish is perfectly smooth, seen under a microscope it resembles a mountainous landscape in which the dirt settles in. The unique mixture perfectly smooths out these surfaces and thus prevent adhesion of dirt. Thanks to the application of Pikatec products, the treated objects get significantly less soiled and their maintenance is less demanding and less frequent.

Extreme Conditions

PIKATEC nanotechnology is tested under the most extreme conditions. To name just one for all – in one of the most demanding car races in the world, the Dakar, the PIKATEC protects the cooling propellers and the front glass of Martin Macík's race car from damage and dirt. The efficiency of the products is so high it can prevent the corrosion of the blades of hydroelectric power stations, which are exposed to a constant onslaught of water and fine mud. PIKATEC nanotechnology thus protects all the surfaces from permanent damage. It saves considerable financial resources this way and helps to achieve the best sports performances and also economic results.

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